Just in case you don’t know ”FAQ” is short for “Frequently Asked Question”.  On this page we’ve compiled a list of all the questions we frequently get asked and the answers.  If you cannot find the answer to something you need to know then please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or info@professionalmusic.co.uk Q: Are you insured? A: We are fully insured through DJ Guard Insurance and have Public Liability Insurance Cover up to £2,000,000.  To date we’ve never had to make a claim.  Copies of our insurance documents are available upon request. Q: Is your equipment safe and regularly tested? A: All of our equipment is regularly PAT tested (Portable Appliance Tested) and certificates are available upon request.  We also like to stay up-to-date and use the latest technology so most of our equipment is less than 18 months old. Q: Do you have Strobe Lights? A: We do not have dedicated Strobe Lights in our displays but some of the lighting displays we use may strobe during the course of the event.  If this is a problem please advise us in advance so we can make the necessary adjustments to our light show. Q: How long do you take to set up or pack away for an event? A: We like to have access at least 2 hours before an event so we can be sure everything is set up and tested.  There is nothing worse than rushing or trying to set up while guests are arriving. Q: Do you use smoke or fog machines? A: Where possible we use these as it enhances the light show.  However, this is dependant on the rules of the venue and the types of fire alarm they use.  If you have a preference for us not to use them the please let us know in advance. Q: Will you play requests? A: Yes, we certainly do! All requests will be played providing we have them with us on the night and they are suitable for the audience.  If you have special requests then please let us know a few days in advance so we can ensure we have these tracks with us.  We normally carry around 12,000 tracks so we have a very good selection covering a wide variety of genres to choose from.  If you specifically don’t want us to play anything (even if someone asks for it) please let us know at the beginning of the event. Q: What areas can you cover? A: We are based in the Crawley, West Sussex area (near Gatwick Airport) and are happy to cover most locations in Surrey, Sussex, Kent and South London.  We will quote for each event and will not add a cost for any event that falls within 25 miles of Crawley.  We are more than happy to perform at any other location but need to take into account the travelling time and cost so please enquire for a quote. Q: Do you talk over the music? A: We are very flexible and will perform the night however you want us too.  In general unless requested otherwise all talking is generally between tracks or during non-vocal portions of the track.  The music is very important to the night but obviously requests and announcements need to be performed over the microphone to ensure everyone hears them. Q: One if my friends is a DJ, would you allow him to perform on the night? A: No as our insurance would not cover the use of our equipment by people not on the policy. Q: Can you do a Karaoke night? A: No, sorry this is not something we normally do, although we may be able to put you in touch with colleagues that could help you with this. Q: Do you confirm bookings? A: Yes, we normally send an email to confirm the date/time of the event and any special requirements. Q: Is your equipment reliable? A: Yes, most of our equipment is very new as we like to stay up to date with the latest technology.  All equipment is regularly tested to ensure safety and reliability. Q: How will the DJ dress? A: The DJ will dress appropriately for the event including fancy dress where required i.e. Halloween etc.  If you have a specific requirement or dress code restriction then please advise us in advance of the event. Q: Can you perform kids parties and provide games? A: Yes and No, we can perform at a kids party and provide musical services but we do not normally provide games.  We would be more than happy to perform alongside a suitable children’s entertainer if required. Q: Can you play at a venue that has a sound limiter or similar device? A: Yes we can but obviously the music will have to be kept at a level set by the venue or policies the venue has to adhere to so we may have to play at a lower volume level than other events. Q: Can we meet you before the event? A: Yes, we are always happy to meet before an event to discuss in more detail. Q: Can we use the microphone to make speeches? A: Yes guests are allowed to use the microphones to make speeches or announcements.  We have both wireless and lead microphones available for most events.  If you require more than one microphone to be available please let us know in advance. Q: Do you care spare equipment? A: We carry a backup solution to allow music to continue should an equipment failure occur during the event.  Our lighting rigs have multiple fixtures to ensure any single failure does not impact your event. Q: How far in advance do I need to book? A: It is best to book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability but should a last minute event catch you out we will do our best to accommodate this if possible. Q: When do we need to pay? A: If you are a regular customer and we know you then payment on the night of the event is fine.  For new customers a 10% deposit will be required when making a booking and the balance paid on the night (or day) of the event. Q: I want to do something a little different can you help with ideas for a themed night? A: Yes we have lots of experience and can provide suggestions on planning, promoting and making your night a success.
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