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Buxted Park Hotel Corporate Christmas Party - DJ Pete
Crawley Club Wedding - DJ’s Darrell & Nik
Gatwick Manor Leaving Party - DJ Darrell
Kung Fu Schools Kid’s Halloween Party 2010 - DJ Darrell
East Court Mansion Wedding - DJ Darrell
Turners Hill Park Residents Club Halloween Party - DJ Darrell
Crawley Club 50th Anniversary - DJ’s Darrell & Nik
Turners Hill Park Residents Club Rock ‘N’ Roll Night - DJ Darrell
Turners Hill Park Residents Club 40th Birthday Party - DJ’s Darrell & Nik 07768 107111 or 07831 166554 e-Mail or telephone for more details
More photos & videos coming soon ...
Over the years we’ve performed at many different events of all sizes from 20 people to over 1500 for both corporate and personal clients.  Some of these events have been held in fantastic locations and you can see details of the venues in the About Us section.  We’ve collected many photos and videos from these events and below is a few samples of our work. To view the gallery for an event, click the photo or video icon.  To view clients feedback, click on the star  We’re always keen to enhance the gallery section to give new visitors a chance to see examples of our work.  If we’ve performed for you and don’t have any photos or videos of the event we’d love to hear from you. You can email us photos, videos or feedback to